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Challenge and Award Coins

Challenge coins are generally collected and displayed. Made of a metal and either 3D engraved or surface engraved. They can be stainless steel, brass, copper or aluminum. 25.4mm (1"), 40mm (1.57"), 50mm (1.97") and some larger.

Award coins are given for achievements and are displayed with pride or carried in a pocket to quickly produce for bragging rights. These come in the same metals and sizes as the Challenge Coins.

I have 40mm and 50 mm coins. Brass, stainless steel and aluminum. Pricing varies depending on the metal used, coin size, one sided or two sided. As an example the first coin (nation's bets) is a 50mm diameter copper coin. One sided is $38.00 plus shipping. Two sided would be $45.00 plus shipping. You can pick any design for one or both sides. Want something custom? Just let me know.

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