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Engraved Pumpkin Pie
Engraved Pumkin Pie
Unusual Engraving
Engraved Apple+

These items were done for a catering company. The apples were a part of their center pieces at a charity dinner. The pumpkin pies were on the desert table for a corporate Christmas party. We have done butter pallets (frozen), bananas, egg shells, chocolate (frozen), bread slices and numerous other items for caterers, corporate sponsored events, fund raisers...

Business Branding

Large or small, businesses need to get their name in front of their customers. Whether it's product awareness, their company logo, company identification. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Cutting Board
This is a cutting board for a wine distributor. Since cheese is often served with wine, it was a natural idea and quite effective.
Engraved Box Knife
A quality tool that will be used often by your customer is useful and keeps your name in front of them.
Note Pad
A cover for a note pad, available in many sizes, is useful and practical. With a company name and logo imprinted on the cover it's the perfect gift showing your appreciation or their continued business.
One of the most effective means of branding is the use of drink-ware. Every time your customer takes a sip your company information is right in front of them. Setting on their desk or counter, your company information is there. For coffee shops it is ideal. People are anxious to buy a coffee mug with their favorite coffee shop logo imprinted on the mugs. In essence, the consumer is paying the coffee shop for their advertisement and giving them a profit too. Same thing for restaurants, bistros, cafes.....

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