Motorcycle Enhancements

No chrome was harmed in the making of this picture.

Pumpkin Pies

Wow... did the office ever smell good.

Gas Cap Cover

Unique and fun to do.

Yes... A Hockey Puck

Need I say more?


Agate, stones, sand stone, marble, granite and some things we could not identify.

Skate Board

and hockey sticks, footballs, baseball bats & .....................

Air Fresheners

Designed and printed here. The scent was Cinnabon. Had to run to the bakery after finishing these.

Stainless Steel

Not sure what it is, but it is neat looking. Wouldn't you agree?

Of course... Tools

Yup... one of mine. If I can do it for everyone else, why can't I do it for me?

Auto Cigarette Lighter

Why Not?

Tin Can Lid

Who would have thought? Really, who would have thought?

Teeny Tiny Signs

Really tiny.

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