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Laser To Phaser

There are many different type of lasers one can use with just as many purposes. There are lasers for cutting material such as metals, however these cannot to intricate surface details. The types of lasers that can do these intricate surface details generally cannot cut metal (there are always exceptions). Then, there are lasers that mark items such as metal, but generally do not cut metal.

Why do I keep referring to "metal" as a source material? Well... it is one of the more difficult materials for lasers to handle. I have witnessed high power commercial lasers cutting 1/2" thick metal. What a sight to see (with safety glasses... of course). I have also seen the lasers used to "age" your everyday blue jeans (denim). These are surprisingly fast and that makes sense. If you want to do 800 pairs of jeans a day, you need the speed. However these lasers are not that powerful. They do not need to be.

DC Laser utilizes a standard 80 watt CO2 laser. We do not, and cannot, cut metal with it but we can do some intricate details. Eventually we will acquire a fiber laser. Not only do these mark most metals but they can engrave them as well.

What is the difference between marking or engraving you might ask? Think of it this way. You and your girlfriend are strolling through a wooded area and you wish to profess your love for her. S0 you walk up to the nearest tree, whip out your trusty marker and draw your initials inside a heart shape. Nice, but no depth. You just "marked" it. Wanting to further impress your girlfriend (so she'll say yes to being your prom date) you pull out your trusty pocket knife and whittle into the bark of the tree initials inside a heart shape. You just "engraved" your proclamation.

Once CNC lasers have their grip on you and your imagination you offer your services to the public. Eventually your customers start asking if you can do more and more with different types of materials. Well, this gets the creative juices flowing and you explore these other avenues. This is what we have done. Upon acquiring our CNC router we expanded our capabilities. Not only can we cut, sculpt and create, we can also engrave many things like watches. Putting a small piece of jewelry onto a large machine is a bit intimidating so we invested in an actual jewelry engraver.

All of this equipment is great, fun, and really let's creativity flow forth. Now we are offering more services and items to our customers.

But wait! There's more!

None of this equipment can do high resolution color on items. So, welcome Dye Sublimation Printing! Wow! Talk about unleashing an entirely new realm of possibilities! This stuff is incredible!!

Next, maybe a phaser like Star Trek fans know. It seems to be a natural progression from laser to phaser. I could stand back and carve and entire wall. Or the guy walking with his girlfriend could profess his love for her on a mountain side. Don't laugh. It could happen.... someday.

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