• Doug

Take it all and go one more step

Take it all. Take every little bit.

I am referring to orders for your business. Take them all, within reason. Some say that they are overbooked. Maybe they are for an eight hour day. So that means you work harder and longer. One of the benefits of being self employed is that you do not have to pay yourself overtime. You get paid with a thriving business. One thing I have learned is that those "rushes" do not last forever. When the orders are fulfilled; sit back, relax and enjoy the beverage of your choice with a sigh. Orders are done, all items either picked up or shipped.

Now... go one more step.

What is that added step? Well, it is a combination of little steps making up one notable step. These steps are simple but not easy.

a.) Even though you are rushed to fill your orders, take no shortcuts. If one of the items are marginal and you feel you might get away with it as part of the order... throw it out! Never give second rate items to a customer. This little step means you will be remember for quality.

b.) If a customer ordered 55 gizmos, give them 56 (unless they are bricks of gold). Do not tell the customer that you gave one extra, just do it. If they catch it and call you, just reply that it is a gift or something to that effect. That little step told your customer that they are more important than any monetary gains.

c.) Give your customer a gift. Nothing huge. Just a little something to let them know that you appreciate their business. I have given mugs, coasters, bottle openers and more. They have the company name on them so not only will it remind the customer of where the gift came from, but most importantly it will remind them that you value them as a customer. A little step like this shows customer appreciation. This is something that seems to be forgotten in today's business environment. Without customers there would be no business. Yes... it is that simple.

What are the rewards?? Many.

Customer loyalty; repeat business; positive word of mouth; good reviews; referrals; new customers and a good feeling inside. There is an old saying, "It is better to give than to receive" and that is true BUT there is nothing wrong with receiving either.

Try this and let me know your results.


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