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Why Tolerate Customers?

I hear others say, "I can't stand dealing with customers!" Well... I have a solution - close your doors, go out of business and go home.

One does not "tolerate" customers. Rather one should respect customers. After all, customers are the entire reason you are in business to begin with. This is an easy equation to understand:

0 customers = 0 business

Want to stay in business? Another easy equation to follow:

appreciated customers = more business

In my business, I meet many people from all walks of life. Many

become friends and many become repeat customers. Be glad to see them, all of them. That means you're treating them right. Hey, maybe that should be a modern proverb, "Treat them right and they will return".

I went to a transmission shop when I was having problems with my older Dodge pick up truck. Went to the entrance and was greeted by a growling pit bull chained to the front door. WTF? People not welcomed?!? Then a gentleman came out and simply said, "What do you need?" I described my problems with the transmission and his replay was simple, he said, "I see your problem. You're driving a Dodge." I replied, "Maybe not" and drove away leaving him with a puzzled look on his face. I have retold this to friends naming the shop in our conversations and they have passed this onto their friends and on and on. Last time I drove by that business, there were very few cars in their lot. Since they had no respect for their customers they now have less customers... no mystery. I hope they learn that without customers they will not have a business.

This is very true for small businesses like ours. There is only my wife and myself. Our customers are the life blood of our business. As an added bonus, meeting new people is always a treat. Getting to know them is a reward. Seeing them return is a blessing.

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