DC Laser was founded in 2010 by Doug and Charleene "Charlie" Novic. They have nurtured it through the years, allowing it to grow at it's own pace. Today it has many repeat customers, which is the best form of advertising, plus we have developed a friendly relationship with so many. It's like a large extended family. We also service a variety of companies from small Mom & Pop operations to large corporations. They are all equally important

Doug Novic

Doug has decades of CNC programming experience so a CNC Laser was a natural choice... to start. Today he programs and operates the LaserS, CNC Router, Vinyl Cutter, 3D printer, Impact Printer, Rotary Engravers and enjoys a good relaxing jeep  ride in the country. On road or off road. With or without top and doors.

Charleene Novic

Charleene, or "Charlie" as she is affectionately called, is known for thinking out of the box. Generally she will drag Doug out of his confines and show him different views of things. Plus, Charlie is continually coming up with new ideas. Although she is still a full time teacher, she is a very integral part of the business.


Athena can usually be found in the office with Doug, or getting in trouble in the shop. Although she has no official capacity, she is fun to have around.

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