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A pistol or rifle can be an extension of the owner and deserves to be as unique as the individual's likes, wants and desires. From basic lettering to ornate engraving.

DC Laser, a Federal Firearm Licensee that has engraving capabilities, can accomplish this for the firearm owner and for owners and collectors of knives and swords.

The ATF and the Maryland State Police have conferred with each other and arrived at a  definite conclusion. All firearms will be marked according to the ATF guidelines. For AR Lowers, this is the manufacturer's name (yours). Manufacturer's city and state. My abbreviated FFL# witha hyphen and three digits. Then the Caliber.

For Polymer Pistol Frames, the serial number will be my abbreviated FFL#, hyphen, three digits.

Once completed and you pick  them up, you simply go on-line to the Maryland State Police licensing portal:
They will want to know who marked your firearm. "DC Laser" is listed on their drop-down menu. Select that and simply continue with your registration propcess.

Here are a few examples of my work for you to see.
Ornate Box Knife.jpg
Pocket Knife 1.jpg

We work with local gun shops, private builders and gunsmiths to mark and identify their custom firearms to comply with the ATF regulations and personalize them with their mark or logo.

Walther Barrel.jpg
Marked Frames.jpg

DC Laser is licensed by the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.
Federal Firearms License, type 01.

Raffle Rifle.jpg
Engraved Slide 1.jpg
Engraved Slide 2.jpg
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