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DC Laser is licensed by the ATF and Maryland State Police. However no firearms or related accessories are sold from these web pages. You must appear in person at our location to purchase any firearms or related items.

I work directly with gun shops/dealers for serialization and custom engravings on their firearms for them to gain a higher resale value.

This was done on the end of a .380
An AR receiver that was given by the customer to his brother in the US Army.
Handcuffs. Law enforcement usually want their name and badge number. Bounty hunters want anything their imagination can create.
The 1911 grips are currently for sale. All other items are photographs of things done exclusively for my customers.

You can contact me directly to go over your ideas at
240-620-5380 or email me at
All consultations are free of charge,
Solid brass 1911 grips. Entirely custom artwork. Each set is different depending on the customer's request. This set sells for $85.00 USD.
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