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Impact Engraver

An Impact Engraver is just as the name implies.  It marks by impacting the surface with a diamond tipped tool at a very high rate of impact per second. The precision and accuracy can allow for 26 digits of a bar code in a 1 square mm space (0.0393" square)

Impact engravers are also referred to as Impact Photo Engravers. With their precision and high DPI, photographs can be engraved on a wide variety of metals.

Impact Printer

Here are a few examples.

This measures only 1 inch tall bt 1-1/2 inch wide yet has the complete Gettysburg Address imprinted on it.

Engraving the Gettysburg Address
Engraved Zippo Lighter
Zippo 2.jpg
LOTR Pic.jpg
Hot Rod Engraving

New Zippo Lighter

Very old Zippo Lighter

Photo of the ring from

Lord Of The Rings

Sil Baby Medallions.jpg
Engraved Pendent
Engraved Key Fob
Engraved Kay Ring
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